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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Plants, Soils, and Climate


R. J. Hanks


The increasing demand for reclamation of periodically waterlogged nearly level agricultural lands in humid tropical areas and the hazard of soil deterioration and soil moisture balance disturbances by current land forming methods suggests the need for investigations of new surface drainage design procedures. This report presents a rainfall-runoff model for simulating hydrographs from ungaged agricultural plots. The model is based on routing procedures and utilizes common soil and hydrologic data. Tests made with several small agricultural water-sheds indicate that the model could be a useful tool in simulating surface drainage design.

Input data for the model consists of (a) rainfall data, (b) infiltration, (c) watershed characteristics, and (d) soil parameters. The model could be used with any computer or desk calculator. Since the model was developed for surface drainage purposes, its use is limited to wet conditions in homogeneous and rectangular plots.

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Soil Science Commons