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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Harrison Groutage


Harrison Groutage


During the past four years it has been easy to see that there has been no art direction in the visual communications of Utah State University. Recently the university has become aware of the importance of a good public relations program and has taken steps in that direction. Very little thought has been given to the visual design of these public relations though. Advertising gives information, plants ideas, and provokes interest in a service and company, but it must be designed well to be noticed. Corporate image includes many things, but I shall only deal with the visual or graphic design part. This is the corporate design.

Product analysis, consumer research, and market analysis are investigated in connection with Utah State University. What makes a good advertisement is analyzed. The media most appropriate for the university is pointed out. Facts are illustrated with photographs of hypothetical advertising pieces. Each advertising piece is analyzed to show how it contributes to the complete corporate design of the university.

A high level of quality in corporate design cannot be reached unless the university employs the talents of a professional designer. The conclusion of this thesis points out the three courses that could be taken to acquire such a person.