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Agricultural Systems Technology and Education

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Sterling A. Taylor


Sterling A. Taylor


Barley is one of the important crops in many of the irrigated regions of the world. It is an important crop in Iran for both human consumption and livestock feed. In the United States and Europe it is used for livestock feed and beverages.

The income from this crop is moderate in comparison to that from other major agricultural products.

Barley production has a definite place in the economy of the region, because it requires only a small amount of care. It can be readily grown on poor lands. One of the factors contributing to the increased acreage of barley in many countries is the tolerance and adaptability of this plant to salt and poor or second class land. Yields have been increased materially in recent years with the development of new varieties superior to the standard varieties previously used. Better cultural practices are improving yields, but much remains to be done in this phase of the work.



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