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Master of Science (MS)


Plants, Soils, and Climate

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Soil Science and Biometeorology

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Paul Christensen


Paul Christensen


David James


Rex Hurst


A field experiment was conducted at two locations in Utah, one at Erda in Tooele County and the other at Minersville in Beaver County. Each experiment was designed as a randomized block design with five treatments and four replication s for each treatment. The test crop was alfalfa. Three cuttings were taken from each location to estimate the yield. Soil samples from the first 12 inches and subsoil samples from 12-24 inches were taken to determine the available NaHCO3-P in the soils. Plant samples were taken to determine the P content of the crop. The results showed that with 5 ppm soil-test P, P content in crop was above the critical level. There was no increase in yield resulting from adding different levels of P to the soil. This conclusion suggests that the criteria used at the soil -testing laboratory at Utah Stat e University should be modified. The criteria used had heen based on samples from the first 6 inches of the soil and from previous investigations. The limit used for low P status for the soil s was 8 ppm.



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