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Master of Music (MMus)



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Max F. Dalby


Max F. Dalby


A study of the basic performance techniques used by cornet and trumpet specialists and the common problems encountered by cornet and trumpet players was made through reference to personal experience, personal interviews, and articles in journals, magazines, bulletins, and books.

Three areas of performance were studied: (1) tone production, (2) intonation, and (3) technical development.

It was found that there is usually more than one solution to a problem, and that each solution given must be individualized to meet each player's needs. Most of the problems players encounter can be prevented if one uses correct playing procedures while playing a quality instrument with a properly sized mouthpiece.

To become a successful cornet or trumpet player, a student must follow and assiduous daily practice routine, must possess a concept of how a tone characteristic of the instrument should sound, must be able to form a correct embouchure, and must understand the problems of intonation.



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