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Master of Science (MS)


Economics and Finance


Allen LeBaron


The primary objective of this study was to examine rice production methods with special emphasis on farm and water irrigation management practices in the different rice farm types of the Guayas Basin of Ecuador. To do this, farmers were divided into eight categories on the basis of farm practices, seasonal farming, irrigation facilities and level of mechanization. Profits per hectare ranged from 4,807 to 762.10 sucres per hectare. Mechanization varied from totally mechanized to total absence of machinery. Year round farming varied to seasonal farming. Average production varied from 110 quintals of hulled rice to 20 quintals per hectare.

The preparation of farm budgets for the different types, presented some problems, due to the lack of available records by the small farmers and reluctance to provide data by the large mechanized units.

The cost/benefit ratios of changing from one type of farming to another were calculated as well as the labor absorption possibilities for the different types of farming. These could provide a criteria for planification of rice policies in Ecuador.