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Master of Science (MS)


Applied Economics

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Agricultural Economics


Jay C. Andersen


The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of major landslides during 1983-84 in Twelve-Mile Canyon, Sanpete County, Utah on agricultural water users in the Gunnison Irrigation System. Sediment content and stream flow data were gathered from Twelve-Mile Creek during the irrigation season of 1984. This information was used to estimate the sediment load of Twelve-Mile Creek and to compare historical averages . A survey of Gunnison Irrigation System Water Users was conducted to obtain information defining the damage and production losses caused by an increase in sediment carried by irrigation water. This information was tabulated and used as a basis for calculating the cost of mudslides . Alternatives for mitigating the impacts of the landslides were explored and evaluated. Recommendations were presented to lessen the economic loss suffered by Gunnison Valley farmers. Damages were estimated to be over three million dollars annually. Construction of sediment basins and alteration in specific management prac tices offered the potential to reduce damage and loss by nearly one third.