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Master of Science (MS)


Economics and Finance

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DeeVon Bailey


This thesis investigates the development and use of viii agricultural enterprise budgets. An e nterprise is a single crop or livestock commodity, and e nterprise budgets are valuable management tools. They serve as the basic building blocks of complete farm planning.

Two separate surveys gathered information from the Extension Service concerning the use and development of enterprise budgets. Analysis of the survey results identified the most common methods used to create enterprise budgets as well as factors that contribute to their use.

A regression analysis was performed to determine the factors influencing the number of times county agents directly refer to published budget informat ion in a year . The agent's understanding of the use of budget information in management decisions, the geographic units that budgets are published for, and receiving the budgets in multiple forms (e.g., sheets, booklets, or software) have significant positive impacts on the use of budgets by the agents.

Finally, based on the findings of this research, a number of recommendations are made to help increase the efficiency with which budgets are made and the use of these Pvaluable tools.



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