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Master of Science (MS)


Economics and Finance

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Basudeb Biswas


Trade liberalization in dairy and meat products is of significant interest for Utah since 75 percent of Utah farm cash receipts are from these two products and both product groups are net U.S. imports. This thesis analyzes the impact that trade liberalization in dairy and meat products would have on Utah's dairy and meat industries and Utah's general economy.

A model based upon the current level of imports and exports, the price elasticity of import demand, and the tariff equivalent of import restrictions is used to estimate the production changes in Utah's dairy and meat industries that would result from trade liberalization. Multipliers are then used to translate production changes into total output, total income, and employment changes in Utah's economy.

The general conclusion reached is that the overall effect would be small. The major reason for this result is that the dairy and meat industries are characterized by a high degree of intraindustry trade.

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