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Master of Science (MS)


Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences

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Donal C. Dobson


Donal C. Dobson


Jay O. Anderson


William F. Farnsworth


This test demonstration was intended to develop a modern management program to improve broiler production in Nigeria through extension teaching methodology. The management programs included animal health, nutrition, and general care.

Some of the factors that limit broiler production in Nigeria are associated with the management strategy presently adopted by Nigerian subsistence farmers.

This report considers the effect of different protein sources on broiler nutrition and the techniques necessary to get the farmers to practice the result of up-to-date research findings.

The extension teaching demonstration reported here is based on 60 day-old chicks. Chicks were randomly assigned to two pens, Pen A and Pen B at the Utah State University poultry farm. Pen A had 40 chicks and Pen B had 20 chicks. Chicks in Pen A received Diet #1 (corn-cottonseed meal).

Chicks were weighed weekly starting on July 2, 1983 which was the third week of the demonstration. The difference between the weekly weight gain was obvious. Birds fed corn-soybean diet were superior to those fed corn-cottonseed meal diet. The birds in Pen A were marketable at eight weeks whereas those in Pen B were not marketable at the same chronological age.

A field day was conducted at the poultry farm to report the results of the demonstration.