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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences


Joseph C. Street


A simple high pressure liquid chromatography procedure was used to determine 2,4-D and pronamide exposure in spraymen and their dermal absorption and excretion in guinea pigs.

Results of dermal application of these herbicides to guinea pigs demonstrated a strong correlation between the applied dermal dose and the urinary residue excretion over the dosage range tested. As the dosage was increased, the urinary excretion of residues was also increased. However, the excretion of 2,4-D amine mixture following dermal treatment of guinea pigs was prolonged as compared to that of pronamide.

Residue levels of these compounds were also determined to estimate skin contamination after sampling by filter pads attached to the clothing and arms of agricultural spraymen. Residues in the workers' urine before and after exposure were also determined. Average exposure values of 44.93 mg/hr/man for 2,40D and 0.83 mg/hr/man for pronamide were extrapolated from residue values obtained from analyzing the pads. Little correlation was found between the measured residues from exposed subjects and residues quantified in their urine samples.



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