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Master of Science (MS)


Human Development and Family Studies

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Family, Consumer, and Human Development

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Shelley L. Knudsen Lindauer


Shelley L. Knudsen Lindauer


Martha T. Dever


Randall M. Jones


This study was conducted to understand the perceptions of beginning teachers concerning the training they received in their teacher preparation program helped them with the successes and challenges they faced during their novice year of teaching. Comprehending novice teachers' perceptions of their successes and challenges is important as a method to help beginning teachers avoid feelings of burnout.

A survey was sent to graduates of a teacher preparation program at a large, land-grant university, who were embarking on their novice year of teaching. Responses were received from 16 teachers. In the survey, teachers were asked to answer demographic questions regarding the school and class they were teaching in, as well as, information concerning their graduation date and involvement with a mentoring program. Teachers were also asked to answer essay questions regarding their feelings of success, challenges they were facing, if they felt able to implement developmentally appropriate practice, and how their teacher training program prepared them for their novice year of teaching.

Results established that the majority of teachers participating within the study felt prepared by their teacher preparation program to meet the challenges and successes they faced during their novice year of teaching. Teachers also listed areas they would have liked to receive more training in during their teacher preparation program, which could be used to adjust teacher preparation programs to better meet preservice teacher’s needs.