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Master of Science (MS)


Sociology and Anthropology

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Social Science

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Evan B. Murray


Evan B. Murray


A study of the central places in Cache County to determine their population and function was made during the academic year 1967-1968. The purpose was to determine if the function of places in Cache County, Utah of a given population was the same as the function of places in Snohomish County, Washington of the same population.

The data for Snohomish County, Washington were taken from a report on the central places in that county prepared by Brian J. L. Berry and William Garrison of the University of Washington Geography Department.

Evidence is presented to support the conclusion that these two areas are very similar in geographic setting and general economy. Evidence is also presented that the central places of similar population size do not perform the same functions. A central place in Cache County must have a larger population in order to support a given function than is necessary in Snohomish County. Further evidence is presented to support the conclusion that lack of a complementary region for the Cache County central places and presence of complementary regions for Snohomish County central places is the cause of the differences found in function of the places.