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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development

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Home Economics Education

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Marie N. Krueger


Marie N. Krueger


William E. MOrtimer


Phyllis Snow


The definition of aide for this study was a non-certified person in the classroom who aids and assists the professional with non-related tasks.

The present role of the teacher aide in Home Economics was described and suggested guidelines for future aide utilization were proposed.

The study was conducted in three phases : 1) Personal Interviews were conducted of three teacher aides and two teachers presently employed in Utah. 2) Correspondence with fifty program directors or teachers using aides in other states. 3) Time-Activity analysis of 12 junior and senior high Home Economics teachers.

Instruments used were: 1) A twelve item interview for teacher aides, and 2) A twenty-two item interview for teacher aides, 3) A fifty-two item questionnaire form was formulated by the writer.

The findings of the thesis are: 1) It was found that teacher aides were not used extensively in Home Economics classes in Utah or throughout the United States. 2) No provision is made for educational training or a career ladder. 3) There is no role definition for the aide in the present program. 4) The aide program has received positive acceptance by the teachers, professional staff and students involved in the program. 5) Careful selection, open communication and role definition were suggested as determinents of successful programs.