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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Wei Ren


Within the field of multi-robot control, there is a large focus in research involving consensus. In this thesis two parts will be studied. The first development of this thesis is a consensus-based robot arm platform. To implement, two robotic arms are developed and studied. The most effective robot arm is then utilized to create a robot arm network testbed. Consensus is used to coordinate several robot arms and decentralize system computation. The research explores a platform to facilitate consensus on a group of robotic arms. The second development is in Cartesian coordinate collective motion. This collective motion control combines consensus through coupling of Cartesian coordinates. The controller is presented with simulation and experimental validation. Integration of both parts of the thesis is then discussed in application. An example is provided to demonstrate usefulness. In conclusion, this thesis provides more control to a system of ground robots using collective motion and consensus-based robot arms.



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Robotics Commons