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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering


YangQuan Chen


This work revolves around the use of fractional order calculus in control science. Techniques such as fractional order universal adaptive stabilization (FO-UAS), and the fascinating results of their application to real-world systems, are presented initially. A major portion of this work deals with fractional order modeling and control of real-life systems like heat flow, fan and plate, and coupled tank systems. The fractional order models and controllers are not only simulated, they are also emulated using analog hardware. The main aim of all the above experimentation is to develop a fractional order controller for plasma position control of the Saskatchewan torus-1, modified (STOR-1M) tokamak at the Utah State University (USU) campus. A new method for plasma position estimation has been formulated. The results of hardware emulation of plasma position and its control are also presented. This work performs a small scale test measuring controller performance, so that it serves as a platform for future research efforts leading to real-life implementation of a plasma position controller for the tokamak.