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Master of Science (MS)


Special Education and Rehabilitation

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Robert Morgan


Robert Morgan


Tim Riesen


Jared Schultz


Special education teachers sometimes experience problems with knowing how to construct and write transition goals that meet Indicator 13 requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. This project examined the effects of teacher training in Indicator 13 requirements on the quality of transition goals. Participants included 17 special education teachers from one school district located in a western state. Target behaviors where increasing each participants’ post-test goal quality scores from individualized transition plans (ITP) written after they demonstrated knowledge about requirements through a post-instruction goal quality writing probe. Procedures involved (a) a pre examination of participants’ transition goals that were written for students prior to the training, (b) an instructional session on what needs to be included to meet Indicator 13 goal requirements, (c) a writing probe on a hypothetical student after the training to make sure the participants can write a goal statement, and (d) a post examination of participants’ transition goals written after the training. The researcher noted that participants’ demonstrated adequate goal-writing on the writing probe (6.88 out of 7.00) and that data collector ratings of goal quality scores increased from 2.82 to 6.53 mean ratings on a zero-to-seven point scale. These results could have implications in terms of participants’ transition goals becoming consistent with Indicator 13 requirements.