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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering


J. Paul Riley


A computer simulation model for temperature data was developed in order to generate synthetic daily temperature. The model consists of two components: a deterministic component represented by a Fourier series fit, and a stochastic component represented by an autoregressive model . The simulation model was proven to be able to preserve the main statistics of the historical series.

The data generated by the above temperature model were used as an input to an irrigation water requirements simulation model. This model incorporates the probabilistic nature of these requirements. The irrigation system of Abo Raya area in Egypt was used to demonstrate the model application. The main components of the model are evapotranspiration, crop water requirements, stream size and its theoretical probability distribution.

The evapotranspiration component of the model estimates the reference evapotranspiration for the irrigated area using Hargreaves method. By applying FAO crop coefficients, the crop water requirements -