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Degree Name:

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

Committee Chair(s)

Amanda Lee Hughes


Amanda Lee Hughes


Curtis Dyreson


Vladimir Kulyukin


This thesis reports on a study to determine the viability of using a mobile tablet device as a brain concussion detection tool. The research builds upon the results of a prior method of collecting data for measuring motion sensitivity, where a user presses and releases a force sensor to balance a rising and falling line on a computer display. The motion sensitivity data collected using this force sensor device was shown to have less irregularity in persons with concussion. The MotionScan application, developed for this research, uses the accelerometer of a tablet device to record motor movement of a user while the user tries to control a free-moving ball on the tablet screen to trace a line.

Data collection sessions were conducted with 20 participants, where researchers recorded motor performance data for similar tasks using both the MotionScan application and the force sensor device. Researchers analyzed the performance outcomes on the tablet application and force sensor device, and validated that they both record motor movements similarly. Participants were also asked for their feedback on the interface of MotionScan and the data collection process, which was used to improve the usability of MotionScan and data collection processes. The research demonstrates that a tablet device can measure the variability in a person’s motor sensitivity and with more research could be used as a concussion detection tool.