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Master of Science (MS)


Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences

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Dairy Manufacturing

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A. J. Morris


A. J. Morris


Paul B. Larsen


Several months' curing time is needed to give cheddar cheese the desirable flavor demanded by the market. The exact length of time required for curing depends upon the flavor intensity desired, but the curing process is always costly and time-consuming.

The practice of making cheddar cheese from pasteurized milk is now common throughout the industry. Many progressive cheese factories are pasteurizing their milk and enjoying the consequent benefits from a higher quality product. Although pasteurization has eliminated many of the quality problems in cheesemaking, it has resulted in even slower curing cheese.

Much of the cheese research now being carried on is concerned with finding means to shorten the normal curing period of cheddar cheese. A method of reducing the curing period without adversely affecting the quality of the product would be invaluable to the cheddar cheese industry.



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