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S. George Ellsworth


S. George Ellsworth


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A Utah State Agriculture Extension Department was created by the Utah State Agricultural College in 1907 to be supported by state appropriations. Its purpose was to bring the information being gained by the College Experiment Station, and other knowledge applicable to agriculture, to the rural population of the State in order to improve the quality of Utah agriculture and the conditions of the farm population. The program began with college instructors holding Farmers' Institutes and schools and expanded into a state-wide system of agricultural and home extension work carried on by specially appointed county agents in each county. The purpose of the agent was to demonstrate to the farmer improved farm methods and help in any way the situation of the farm family.

In 1914 the Smith-Lever Act was passed by the Congress of the United States which appropriated federal funds for county agent work. This made the extension program a joint government undertaking with funds appropriated by state, federal, and local governments. This also linked the Extension Service to the Federal Government through the United States Department of Agriculture and in times of national crisis it was called upon to assist in putting government programs into effect.

The Utah Extension Service can be said to have rendered valuable service to the people of Utah. It has provided information, has been available for consultation in farm and home problems, and has helped unite the rural population by encouraging farm bureau organizations, cooperative associations, and community projects. Through programs involving both adults and young people it has, in one way or another, either directly or indirectly, affected the lives of most Utah citizens. It has become involved in every facet of farm living including economic, social, and political. The object of the Utah Extension Service has been improvement and progress through extending education.