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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Civil and Environmental Engineering


David S. Bowles


A procedure for spatially-distributed snowpack estimate is proposed and evaluated herein. This procedure is divided into two parts, off-line and on-line parts. The off-line procedure uses Fuzzy c-Varieties (FCV) algorithms to perform the watershed classification based on Landsat TM data and a digital elevation model and estimate influence coefficient for all pixels in the watershed. Through the concept of influence coefficient, a set of prototypical points can be selected and located. The on-line procedure estimates snowpack properties at these prototypical points and then transforms them to estimates of snowpack properties at any point in the watershed. To effectively evaluate this new spatially-distributed snowpack estimation procedure, a set of evaluation issues were identified and evaluated. Through the evaluation of these issues, the proposed procedure was found to work quite successfully in estimating the spatial distribution of snowpack properties.