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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Committee Chair(s)

Michael C. Johnson


Michael C. Johnson


Mac Mckee


Blake P. Tullis


Robert E. Spall


Steven L. Barfuss


Flow measurement has been an important part of society for hundreds of years. For this reason there are many methods to measure flow rates both in open channel scenarios like irrigation canals and also in closed conduits like pipelines that supply water for human use. This research focused on Venturi flow meters which have been used to measure flow since the 1890’s. The object of this research was to use computational fluid dynamics and laboratory data to provide industry with applicable answers to some under researched areas in flow measurement. The areas chosen for this research include areas requested by meter manufacturers. This fact helps the readers to understand how valuable this information will be to the flow measurement industry.

The results include guidelines for manufacturers and meter users to utilize regarding how close a Venturi can be installed to a change in pipe diameter so its flow metering capabilities are not compromised. This information will help with proper installation of flow meters in the field and the laboratory for flow meter calibrations. The research also provides details on how to design the recovery cone for various Venturi designs to minimize the energy loss from fluid passing through the meter. The results are valuable to many including meter manufactures, industry where the meters get used, and academia alike as the results are very applicable and were previously not available.