Development and Evaluation of a Waiver Examination for the Introductory Foods Course at Utah State University

Virginia Clark Bragg, Utah State University


A written objective-type waiver examination for the introductory foods course at Utah State University has been developed and evaluated.

Results of the study showed that the examination improved with revision. In addition, it was found that there was a statistically significant relationship between the score students achieved on the waiver examination and the total numerical score representing the final grade in the basic foods course.

There was apparently no significant relationship between the number of years experience students had in food preparation, the type of experience in food preparation, and their performance on the waiver examination. Apparently depth of knowledge of basic food preparation principles was a more important factor than just years or breadth of experience (skill) in contributing to the waiver examination score.

The waiver examination has been adopted for use by the Department of Food and Nutrition at Utah State University.

Recommendations are made regarding use of the examination and the possible need for re-evaluation of the curriculum for introductory foods work.