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Master of Science (MS)


Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies

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Burrell F. Hansen


Burrell F. Hansen


Marlan Nelson


Ron Thorkildsen


The environment of Utah State University was studied by administering the College and University Environment Scales (CUES) to 299 sophomore, junior and senior students enrolled spring quarter 1975.

Scores on each scale for the university were: Practicality, 18; Scholarship, 17; Community, 19; Awareness, 22; and Propriety, 12. These figures indicate that USU has an environment which is not scholastically oriented but is open and free allowing students to develop and mature as individuals.

Differences between men and women and between in-state and out-of-state respondents were compared. Women tend to rate the university higher than men in scholarship, community, awareness and practicality and lower in propriety. In-state students rate it higher in scholarship, awareness and community than out-of-state students but lower in practicality and propriety.

The results back up the contention of C. R. Pace, author of CUES, that-women see a university in a better light than men. The difference between in-state student perceptions and out-of-state student perceptions are more difficult to analyze. Looking at the total response to the instrument, it appears that out-of-·state students have a strong reaction to the culture of Utah and react negatively to much of the behavior they see.



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