Date of Award:


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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


Amanda Lee Hughes


This thesis work describes the design, development and evaluation of a mobile application called Hidden History. This application lets users discover and explore three types of landscapes (Historic, Scenic and Cultural) using three different modes of discovery (Route, Explore and Tour).

Before designing Hidden History, the feature set of other applications that help users explore surrounding landscapes were identified and analyzed. Hidden History was then designed to implement the best features of these applications and offer several functionality improvements. Design began with iterative paper prototyping, following which a high fidelity, digital prototype was created. The high fidelity prototype was tested through two rounds of usability testing with target users. All the users found the application useful. User testing revealed many issues and areas of improvements for the application. By iteratively prototyping and testing the Hidden History application with users, researchers created a mobile application that better supports the discovery of landscape history. The thesis concludes with suggestions for future work to further improve the application.