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Master of Science (MS)


Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences

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Food Science and Technology

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E. B. Wilcox


E. B. Wilcox


J. B. Low


Millions of pounds of venison are harvested each year in the United States. Over 12,000,000 pounds of dressed venison are harvested during the regular season each year in the State of Utah. The hunters of venison contribute approximately 10 1/2 billion dollars to the economy of the state for licenses, lodging, transportation, and other expense of hunting. In many cases this source of meat is a significant part of the household meat supply. Venison is often wasted, however, because of its undesirable flavor. The lack of knowledge as to the causes of variation in venison flavor has prompted this study.

Research into the causes of variation in venison flavor can contribute significantly to the problems of undesirable flavors and waste by determining the cause and distribution of factors which are responsible for these variations. This primary basic information may aid the hunter in his selection of animals to harvest. Suggestions as to age, sex, season of harvest, and physical condition of the animal may be applicable.