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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Ziqi Song


As the population grows and the travel demands increase, alternative interchange designs are becoming increasingly popular. The diverging diamond interchange is one alternative design that has been implemented in the United States. This design can accommodate higher flow and unbalanced flow as well as improve safety at the interchange. As the diverging diamond interchange is increasingly considered as a possible solution to problematic interchange locations, it is imperative to investigate the safety effects of this interchange configuration. This report describes the selection of a comparison group of urban diamond interchanges, crash data collection, calibration of functions used to estimate the predicted crash rate in the before and after periods and the Empirical Bayes before and after analysis technique used to determine the safety effectiveness of the diverging diamond interchanges in Utah. A discussion of pedestrian and cyclist safety is also included. The analysis results demonstrated statistically significant decreases in crashes at most of the locations studied. This analysis can be used by UDOT and other transportation agencies as they consider the implementation of the diverging diamond interchanges in the future.