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Master of Science (MS)


Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences

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Nutrition and Food Sciences


Gary H. Richardson


The Technicon OSCC II was evaluated for application in dairy herd improvement central laboratories. Dilution using a Fisher Autodiluter made sample preparation for assay less time consuming and more convenient and resulted in the same accuracy as with the manual syringe technique.

Sample storage and the presence of a potassium dichromate preservative tablet had little effect on somatic cell count when tested within two days at room temperatures (20-23 C) or within four days at refrigeration temperatures (4-7 C). The preservative tablet caused an average increase of 14,000 cells/ml. The average cell count dropped 26 percent following two days at 20-23 C.

Potassium dichromate interfered with the protein determination of milk using the Udy dye-binding method.

There were poor correlations between somatic cells and various milk components from 1292 random milk samples from three herds during a six month survey.

The best correlation found between somatic cells and casein/protein (%) was -0.32 in the G. W. Salisbury herd and -0.58 in the Utah State University herd in January, 1974.

Cost of running a somatic cell count was estimated to be 6.6 cents if 10,000 samples were assayed monthly.