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Master of Science (MS)


Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences

Department name when degree awarded

Nutrition and Food Sciences


Dr. Arthur Mahoney


Dr. Deloy Hendricks

Third Advisor:

Dr. Thomas Farley


Two separate experiments were used to investigate iron bioavailability of mechanically-deboned meats using hemoglobin regeneration to measure iron utilization. In both studies, male weanling rats were made anemic by bleeding and being fed a low-iron diet. Experimental diets were control fed to the animals and final hemoglobin concentrations were recorded. Animals were sacrificed and liver iron concentrations determined. The first experiment measured the iron bioavailability of mechanically-deboned and hand-deboned beef plate was better utilized by rats than the iron from mechanically- deboned shank and mechanically-deboned plate. The effect of lipid source and level on iron bioavailability of mechanically-deboned turkey meat was investigated in the second experiment. Fat from the meat was extracted before individual diets were prepared. Four lipids (corn oil, pork fat, turkey fat, or beef tallow) at three different levels (12%, 24%, or 36%) served as dietary fat sources, the effect of lipid dietary fat source and level on iron utilization was found to be negligible.