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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Structural Engineering

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Marvin W. Halling


Marvin W. Halling


Marc Maguire


Joseph Caliendo


Structural Health monitoring is to determine the condition of a bridge based on instrument measurements. The C-846 Bridge in Salt Lake City has such instrumentation. The bridge is located in Salt Lake City at about 2100 South and Interstate 15. This bridge has two kinds of instruments on it: accelerometers and thermocouples. The accelerometers measure the vibrations of the bridge. The accelerometers have been recording data on the bridge since 2001. The thermocouples, which measure temperature, were added as part of this thesis in April 2016.

In light of recent research, damage may be detected from measuring the change in the natural frequency of a bridge, which can be obtained by manipulating the accelerometer data. However, the natural frequencies of a bridge change due to environmental effects, especially temperature. Temperature effects must be accounted for in order to better understand the damage.

The purpose of this research is not to detect damage. The bridge that is being monitored does not have any damage. The purpose of this study is to show how the dynamic properties of the C-846 Bridge in South Salt Lake City correlate with temperature. Additionally, several frequencies including the fundamental frequency of the bridge are identified.

It was found that the natural frequencies of the bridge increase with a decrease in temperature, and that the fundamental frequency of the bridge is 1.15 Hz.