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Master of Science (MS)


Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences

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Nutrition and Food Sciences

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Bonita Wyse


Bonita Wyse


A nutrition education component was developed, implemented, and evaluated for integration into the Title I migrant education program. The component was based on an evaluated nutrition education curriculum implemented by Brown in the elementary school. The nutrition education program was developed on the concept of nutrient density which measures the ratio of a food's nutrient contribution to its caloric contribution on a constant caloric basis. The nutrition component was modified to include behavioral objectives and concepts that partially met the needs of a migrant population in Utah.

The program was evaluated in the Title I programs in Corrine and Smithfield, Utah. The latter site served as a control group. A total of 88 students participated. Pre-post tests as well as individual unit tests served as evaluation instruments. The health status of the migrant children also was evaluated. Students and teachers indicated a positive change in knowledge and attitudes resulting from the nutrition education component.