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Master of Science (MS)


Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences

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Nutrition and Food Sciences

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Darrell T. Bartholomew


Darrell T. Bartholomew


Daren Cornforth


Lyle McNeal


Mutton meat was tested in different products in order to obtain prototype products in which mutton can effectively be used without the objectionable mutton off flavor. Mutton flavor reduction was achieved in the processed meat products by: (a) lowering mutton fat to a level of 10% or less, (b) using spices, smoking and/or curing, (c) substituting fat from beef or pork for mutton fat, and (d) the action of microbial starter cultures. Four taste panel sessions were set up to rate these products against an all beef or all pork control for consumer acceptability. Taste panel results indicate that flavor had the greatest effect on overall acceptability of these products, compared to texture and appearance. Proximate meat analysis for fat, protein, moisture and ash were performed using the Technicon InfraAlyzer 400R and the results were compared with values obtained by reference AOAC methods. Correlation coefficients of 0.992, 0.867, 0.992 and 0.511 were obtained for fat, protein, moisture and ash respectively. The two methods were not significantly different (p = .05). These results indicate that the InfraAlyzer may be used as a rapid method for proximate analysis of fat, protein and moisture.