Date of Award:

Spring 2017

Document Type:


Degree Name:

Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Systems Technology and Education

Department name when degree awarded

Agricultural Systems Technology


Rebecca G. Lawver


4-H Youth and Families with Promise (4-H YFP) is a one to one youth mentoring program that aims to help youth obtain skills that will help them to be successful. The purpose of this research was to determine if any positive outcomes were shown of youth participating in 4-H YFP. Positive outcomes were identified as peer social competence, greater ability to make positive choices, the development of effective communication skills, building connections, and contributing to the community. Results show that these outcomes positively increased among youth participants in the 4-H YFP program- but the changes were too small to be of any significance. Results also show that the longer youth are enrolled in the program, the greater their peer social competence, ability to make positive choices, and effectively communicate.