Programs of Guidance and Counseling as They Relate to Young People and Their Preparation for Work

William E. Mortimer, Utah State University

A Publication Produced in Cooperation with the

Department of Industrial and Technical Education
Engineering Experiment Station
Utah State University
Logan, Utah


Pupil Personnel and Guidance Services
Utah State Department of Public Iristruction
Salt Lake City, Utah


Everyone finds it necessary to make decisions and with every individual the decisions are many and varied. But one of the most important and far-reaching of all the decisions anyone makes is that of choosing an occupation. The significance of such a decision has long been recognized as is evidenced by Cicero's statement made in 106 B.C: "We must decide what manner of men we wish to be and what calling in life we would follow; and this is the most difficult problem in the world."

The importance of an individual's job cannot be overlooked by society because it is one 1s job which very largely determines the life he will live. Jobs are very significant in determining the economic status and financial security of most people and the economic factor is so fundamental that one 1s occupation, at least indirectly, determines where he lives, his social standing in the community, his friends and associates, his educational opportunities, his recreational pursuits, and pretty largely his contributions to mankind. Regardless of what one chooses as his life 1s work he cannot help being strongly influenced by the work he does and by those around him who are similarly engaged.

Occupations are also important to society and if economic and social progress are to be made it is essential that workers do their work well, that they improve their skills and knowledge, and that they pass on to the rising generation those things they have found to be good. Therefore, a nation must keep its workers occupationally competent and help the individual workers to select and prepare for occupations in which they are interested and can be competent. Here in the United States high value has always been placed upon helping young people develop their capacities to the fullest. Fortunately there is much talent among the youth of this great country, but it cannot be assumed that the seeds of talent have all fallen upon fertile soil. The efforts of all, and especially those engaged in education, must be pooled in an effort to identify the talents of youth and foster their growth.