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Master of Science (MS)



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Michael Bertoch


Michael Bertoch


Reed Morrill


Keith Checketts


This study was designed to investigate the relationship of general aptitude, vocational attitudes, and occupational values to scoring above or below the 75th percentile on the Kuder Preference Record by ninth grade students in rural southwestern Utah and southeastern Idaho.

The sample consisted of a group of 248 students who participated in Project Mace. The students were divided into two groups according to their Kuder percentile scores. The G scale of the General Aptitude Test Battery, the Vocational Development Inventory, and the Occupational Values Inventory were also administered to the subjects. The data were analyzed by a simple correlation matrix and analysis of variance.

The results of the study indicated there was no significant difference between the two groups on any of the instruments.

The implications from the results indicated that:

  1. The 75th percentile probably should not be used as a criterion for strong interests, at least when an attempt is being made to relate interests to the general aptitude, attitudes, and values measured in this study.

  2. More research is needed in order to fully understand the relationship of interests, aptitudes, attitudes and values.

  3. More research is needed on the instruments used in this study, especially the Occupational Values Inventory and the Vocational Development Inventory.



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