The Effect of Electromyogram Training on Test Anxiety and Academic Achievement

Donald Maurice Whitley II, Utah State University


The focus of this study was to explore the effects of training with Electromyogram (EMG) feedback relaxation on test anxiety and academic achievement.

Subjects were 60 students from an Introductory Psychology Class who scored highest on the Suinn Test Anxiety Behavior Scale lSTABS).

Subjects were divided into three groups: (1) EMG training, (2} Attention, and (3} Control. Treatment was 12 sessions over a six-week period.

A pretest and posttest of the STABS was used as a measure of anxiety with the measure of academic achievement being the first and fourth tests in the Psychology class. Analysis of covariance was used to evaluate the data. No significant difference was found between the adjusted posttest means for anxiety reduction or academic achievement.