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Master of Science (MS)




Elwin C. Nielsen


The effects on self-concept as a result of behavior changes made during a self-directed self-modification project were studied on 16 students at Utah State University over a period of nine weeks. Pre and post measures of self-concept administered were the Tennessee Self Concept Scale and the Well-Being Scale from the California Psychological Inventory. The research design employed was the pretest-.posttest control group design. A separate analysis of covariance was run for the Total P raw score of the Tennessee Self Concept Scale and raw scores on the Well-Being Scale. The F was substantially short of the value of F needed for significance.

The hypothesis that a behavior change would result in a self concept change was not supported. It was hypothesized that a behavior change was not the only variable that controlled self-concept. It was suggested that a more homogeneous group of subjects be used in further research, one where all the subjects were changing the same behavior, and then control for education and age.

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