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Master of Science (MS)




Glendon Casto


This study assessed Utah State University students perceptions of the U.S.U. Counseling Center with regard to meeting students' counseling needs. The study focused on racial background and sex of counselors as significant variables. A written questionnaire was mailed to 420 students. Fifty-three percent of the questionnaires were returned.

The students' impressions of the Counseling Center were generally positive. Caucasian females were more satisfied than Caucasian males. Minority students were least satisfied. Students who had not used the center most often indicated they had no need. Many students lacked information concerning the services and availability of staff of different sex and/ or backgrounds.

For most counseling situations, the majority of the students indicated that sex and racial background of the counselor were unimportant. In counseling situations concerning personal problems related to sex the availability of a staff member of a particular sex or racial background was frequently essential. Since the staff at the time of this study lacked variety, in respect to sex and racial background, some students could not have been served according to their preferences. Recommendations were made available concerning the expressed needs as ascertained by this study.



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