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Keith Checketts


Keith Checketts


Bill Dobson


Elwin Nielsen


The purpose of this study was to determine the reasons why students did not enroll at Utah State in the fall quarter of 1978 when they had listed the university as their first choice among institutions to attend. An equally important purpose was to determine whether or not there were differences in the personal characteristics of the enrolled and nonenrolled groups.

Both students who entered U.S.U. in the fall quarter of 1978 and those who failed at that time to enroll served as samples for the study. A random sample of 150 students per group, 300 students altogether, was employed toward a determination of the specific reasons why students did not enroll.

Both enrolled and nonenrolled students were mailed an identical questionnaire requesting reasons for enrollment or nonenrollment, depending on the student's circumstance. A third purpose was to use the results to develop recommendations which may help increase the percentage of applicants who become U.S.U. students.

This study discovered differences between students enrolled at Utah State University and those not enrolled with respect to factors which might have influenced their decision to attend/not attend Utah State University. Differences between the two groups were found for the variables "printed materials and letters from U.S.U.", "campus visit", "major field of study", "social environment", "rank in graduating class" and "item influencing most their decision to attend/not attend U.S.U.". Differences between the two groups were found, also for the variables "finances", "recommendations", and "proximity to home".

Various suggestions with respect to Utah State's recruitment and enrollment policies have been offered. It would appear to be in Utah State's best interest to have prospective students visit the U.S.U. campus as well as have the student's parents involved in the college decision-making process. It is recommended that prospective U.S.U. students be informed of financial aid applications and procedures as well as hear the recommendations of individuals who have had previous contact with Utah State University. It is suggested that the housing office of U.S.U. develop pamphlets, brochures, and other such information to be distributed to prospective students who will be living away from home when attending college.



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