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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Lani M. Van Dusen


The College Adjustment Scales (CAS) are a multidimensional psychological measure designed specifically for use in college and university settings. The purpose of this study was to assess the ability of the College Adjustment Scales (CAS) to function as outcome measures in university counseling centers. Study 1 assessed the ability of the CAS to track change following brief therapy using a nonequivalent control group design. Study 2 assessed the convergent validity of the CAS by correlating two of the nine CAS scales with two established measures. The results of a three-factor MANOV A revealed that the CAS were able to track change very well for undergraduate students. Results for graduate students showed that three of the CAS scales tracked change quite well, two scales did not track change, and four scales did not track change for graduate males. Convergent validity results were mixed for the two scales assessed. The Self-Esteem scale was determined to be a fairly good measure of global self-esteem. The CAS Anxiety scale did not correlate well with an instrument that is a good measure of anxiety characterized by physiological symptoms. Recommendations for future research are discussed.



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