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Master of Science (MS)




Elwin C. Nielsen


The purpose of this study was to conduct a systematic replication of the experiment of Burnam, Pennebaker, and Glass (1973) using an adult population and the Jenkins Activity Survey. Additionally, this study attempted to address the issue of whether the previous results would be substantiated when a non-college sample was used.

The subjects consisted of40 females and 40 males who volunteered to participate in the study. All subjects were given the Jenkins Activity Survey and randomly assigned to Condition I, the No Deadline condition, or Condition II, the Deadline condition. The subjects in the No Deadline condition were given arithmetic problems with no time limit instructions, and subjects in the Deadline condition were given arithmetic problems with instructions which stated a time limit.

The results indicated that college students performed differently than the employed adults used in this study. Unlike the original study, this study using adults did not find a significant main effect for the Deadline versus No Deadline condition. Although the interaction effects were statistically significant in both studies, the reported interaction effects were not similar.



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