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Master of Science (MS)




Susan Crowley


A survey addressing teacher referral of children with internalizing symptoms was developed and distributed to 883 first- through sixth-grade teachers in the state of Utah. The survey presented vignettes of children exhibiting symptoms of internalizing disorders. Respondents were asked if they would refer the child described in each vignette. The survey also asked respondents for information regarding the number of years they had been teaching, training they had received regarding children's mental health, the types of mental health services available within their schools, and their beliefs regarding types of services schools should provide. Four ANOV As were calculated in analyzing the potential factors influencing teachers' decisions to refer the children in the vignettes. Further, descriptive data were used in illustrating additional information provided by the survey regarding the referral of children with internalizing disorders. Among the factors considered, teacher training was found to be statistically significant. Number of years of experience, teacher beliefs, and number of services available did not reach statistical significance. The majority of teachers supported a variety of school-based mental health services.



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