Date of Award:

Summer 2017

Document Type:


Degree Name:

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


Curtis Dyreson


Database Auto Awesome is an approach to enhancing web applications comprised of forms used to interact with stored information. It was inspired by Google's Auto Awesome tool, which provides automatic enhancements for photos. Database Auto Awesome aims to automatically or semi-automatically provide improvements to an application by expanding the functionality of the application and improving the existing code.

This thesis describes a tool that gathers information from the application and provides details on how the parts of the application work together. This information provides the details necessary to generate new portions of an application.

These enhancements are directed by the web application administrator through specifying what they would like to have generated, in terms of functionality. Once the administrator has provided this direction, the new application code is generated and put in updated or new files. Using this approach, Database Auto Awesome provides a viable solution for semi-automatically generating enhancements to an existing web application.