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Master of Science (MS)


Natural Resources

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Wildlife Science

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Clair B. Stalnaker


Clair B. Stalnaker


Effects of exercise and the relative condition of exercised fish were viii evaluated for two strains of rainbow trout. Circular tanks fitted with a paddle were used to continuously exercise the fish and a stamina tunnel was used to evaluate the condition of exercised trout. Trout were exercised continuously at one fish-length per second and one-half fish length per second. Serum LDH activity in Shephard-of-the-Hills (Missouri) rainbow trout acclimated to 10 C increased two fold during the first four days of exercise. Serum LDH activity returned to control levels by the tenth day of exercise. Serum LDH activity in Shephard-of-the-Hills rainbow trout exercised at one-half length per second did not increase significantly. Serum LDH activity in Fish Lake stock acclimated to 17 C did not increase significantly. Shephard-of-the-Hills and Fish Lake rainbow trout exercised at one length per second were better conditioned to water velocities of two lengths per second than were controls.