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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mathematics and Statistics

Committee Chair(s)

Piotr S. Kokoszka


Piotr S. Kokoszka


Daniel C. Coster


Richard D. Cutler


John R. Stevens


Lie Zhu


A test for independence and identical distribution of functional observations is proposed in this thesis. To reduce dimension, curves are projected on the most important functional principal components. Then a test statistic based on lagged cross--covariances of the resulting vectors is constructed. We show that this dimension reduction step introduces asymptotically negligible terms, i.e. the projections behave asymptotically as iid vector--valued observations. A complete asymptotic theory based on correlations of random matrices, functional principal component expansions, and Hilbert space techniques is developed. The test statistic has chi-square asymptotic null distribution. Two inferential tests for error correlation in the functional linear model are put forward. To construct them, finite dimensional residuals are computed in two different ways, and then their autocorrelations are suitably defined. From these autocorrelation matrices, two quadratic forms are constructed whose limiting distributions are chi--squared with known numbers of degrees of freedom (different for the two forms). A test for detecting a change point in the mean of functional observations is developed. The null distribution of the test statistic is asymptotically pivotal with a well-known asymptotic distribution. A comprehensive asymptotic theory for the estimation of a change--point in the mean function of functional observations is developed. The procedures developed in this thesis can be readily computed using the R package fda. All theoretical insights obtained in this thesis are confirmed by simulations and illustrated by real life-data examples.