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Master of Science (MS)



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Donald R. Olsen


Donald R. Olsen


J. Stewart Williams


Clyde T. Hardy


A survey of the mineral resources, the economic rock products, and the ground-water reserves of that part of central Utah drained by the Sevier River system was undertaken by the author in the fall of 1960 as a continuation of a research project directed toward the stimulation of economic growth in the state of Utah. The project was initiated in 1959 by Dr. Donald R. Olsen and Dr. J. Stewart Williams, who conducted a similar survey of a five county area in southwestern Utah (Olsen and Williams, 1960).

Through a review of existing literature, preliminary field examination of most of the important areas, and communications with owners, operators, and consulting geologists, an attempt has been made to include in this survey all of the important economic mineral and rock deposits. A review of the ground-water supplies of the region and a discussion of related problems are also included.

Each of the minerals and rock products is described alphabetically in a brief statement. This statement includes information concerning location, present status, present ownership, and geologic controls of accumulation. Where possible an estimate of the economic potential of each commodity is made. These estimates are based on accessibility, tonnage, grade, market value, etc. Each occurrence is also located on a map of the area (Plate 1).



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