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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Teacher Education and Leadership


Sarah K. Clark


Writing is so important. It is important in school and in our careers; writing is found to be helpful physiologically and psychologically. Experts wonder, with writing so important, why is writing not being adequately taught in the schools. The answer may be that writing is complex and teaching it is even more complex. The Read-to-Write Strategy is a writing model based on the study of exemplary models of text and children are explicitly taught how to write the way an author writes through a process of the teacher modeling how to write this way; the teacher sharing the writing task with children, and having children collaborate with a partner during the writing task, so that eventually children can independently write text to match the child’s audience and purpose. In this exploratory study, second grade children were explicitly taught a writing strategy that followed the model proposed by Read-to-Write Strategy. This study of writing compared samples of children’s writing before and after they received instruction in the Read-to-Write Strategy. Children made good improvements in their writing and the tests run on the children’s writing samples infer that learning was significant.