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Master of Science (MS)


Mathematics and Statistics

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Applied Statistics


David White


Examples from four disciplines were used to introduce the coefficient of variation which was considered to have considerable usage and application in solving Quality Control and Reliability problems.

The statistical properties were found in the statistical literature and are presented, namely, the mean and the variance of the coefficient of variation. The cumulative probability function was determined by two approximate methods and by using the noncentral t distribution. A graphical method to determine approximate confidence intervals and a method to determine if the coefficients of variation from two samples were significantly different from each other are also provided (with examples).

Applications of the coefficient of variation to solving some of the main problems encountered in industry that are included in this report are: (a) using the coefficient of variation to measure relative efficiency, (b) acceptance sampling, (c) stress versus strength reliability problem, and (d) estimating the shape parameter of the two parameter Weibull. (84 pages)