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Master of Science (MS)


Mathematics and Statistics

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Applied Statistics

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Rex L. Hurst


Rex L. Hurst


Three cluster analysis programs were used to group the same 64 individuals, generated so as to represent eight populations of eight individuals each. Each individual had quantitative values for seven attributes. All eight populations shared a common attribute variance-covariance matrix.

The first program, from F. J. Rohlf's MINT package, implemented single linkage. Correlation was used as the basis for similarity. The results were not satisfactory, and the further use of correlation is in question.

The second program, MDISP, bases similarity on Euclidean distance. It was found to give excellent results, in that it clustered individuals into the exact populations from which they were generated. It is the recommended program of the three used here.

The last program, MINFO, uses similarity based on mutual information. It also gave very satisfactory results, but, due to visualization reasons, it was found to be less favorable than the MDISP program.